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FEI Canada’s CFO Leadership Beyond Finance Program offers an unparalleled educational experience for aspiring and active CFOs. Over the program’s history FEI Canada has refined not only the topics covered, but also the associated experience to ensure that the course makes a true impact on the individual and the organization they represent.

Candidate Profile
Program candidates are:

Experienced CFOs looking to improve their strategic impact and presence.


New CFOs who want to accelerate their impact on their organization.


Senior Financial Executives aspiring to become CFOs; currently with controller, director or vice-president titles.

Effective Leadership

The role of the CFO today goes well beyond traditional definitions as their company’s financial stewards. Now, more than ever, they are called upon to be strategic partners and consultants who are responsible for driving the overall health of the organizations that they lead. The financial executive faces new challenges, fast paced environments, more responsibilities, and must work smarter with fewer resources. C-Level leaders now require a broadened perspective that goes beyond finance to encompass enterprise-wide concerns.


FEI Canada’s CFO Leadership Beyond Finance Program will equip senior financial executives with the insights they need to become more effective leaders and better strategic advisors.


While in residence, the participants have opportunities to network with their fellow participants, exchange ideas and discuss experiences. Following the program, all graduates are participants in the Alumni networking events, continued learning experiences and a private LinkedIn discussion group.


Networking extends beyond the classroom with exclusive alumni networking events.

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Executives in residence

Participants will benefit from the experience of program leaders and industry executives, who will bring classroom sessions to life and enable participants to discuss opportunities and challenges in a confidential setting. Participants can begin mapping program content to specific circumstances and build an action plan for next steps while being coached by Queen’s outstanding faculty and our Executives-in-Residence.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

FEI Canada has undertaken research that has identified knowledge gaps between the competitiveness of today’s CFOs and what they must know to excel at their evolved roles. This Executive Education Program will ensure senior financial executives can bridge these gaps.


FEI Canada’s CFO Leadership Beyond Finance Program will equip senior financial executives with the insights they need to become more effective leaders and better strategic advisors.

Top-Tier Executive Education Program

To develop this best-in class program, FEI Canada has partnered with Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business who are ranked #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Ready to take your career to the next level?


Module 01


Developing a Personal Leadership Plan
Enhance organizational performance by applying the principles of transformational leadership and coaching.

Creating a High-Performance Organization
Achieve continuous improvement in work processes, teamwork and management practices with a focus on transformational leadership.

Developing an Executive Presence
Clearly and effectively communicate to a cross-section of key stakeholders.

Module 02


Strategic Planning, Risk Management & Implementation
Draft and implement a dynamic and effective strategic plan. Determine the strategic and risk balanced platform that is right for your organization.

Leading Governance
Gain a better understanding and ensure the appropriate level of oversight of the role of directors and how senior management can best meet and exceed their board’s expectations in effectively operating all of the enterprise’s activities.

Negotiation and Consensus Building
Negotiate effectively with customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Module 03


Strategic Finance
Align strategy, leadership and financial decision making to create long-term value for your organization.

IT Strategy, Project Management and Execution
Lead and support product and service innovation. Use information and communication technologies to transform business models, improve customer service and streamline supplier relationships.

Marketing, Sales & Margin Optimization
Align marketing and sales strategies with the business strategy to gain buy-in across the organization.

Strategic Decision Making
As the capstone session, this integrative workshop will challenge participants to put their learning to practical use.As the capstone session, this case study workshop puts decision-making skills to use, demonstrating how to blend intuition and analytics to make the best next move. Use a practical framework that is designed to help avoid common biases to arrive at, and implement, decisions that are both effective and ethical.


  • $ 14995 + HST FEI Canada Member Early Bird Fee
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  • $ 15,995 + HST Non-Member Early Bird Fee
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  • $ 16995 + HST FEI Canada Member Regular Fee
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  • $ 17,995 + HST Non-Member Regular Fee
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*Non-members who meet qualifying criteria and are accepted into the program receive a FEI Canada one year membership, access to obtain CPD credits and includes registration to our annual conference. PLEASE CALL TOLL-FREE FOR MORE INFORMATION: 1-866-677-3007

Program grants

Canadian provinces and territories are o­ffering qualified individuals grants to help fund their professional development. Program requirements vary by province. Grants can cover up to two-thirds of the cost of the program. To learn more about Training Grants opportunities, visit your province’s job grant program website. Visit Canada Job Grants to learn more.


Visit the link below to find out more about how the grant works in your Province!



British Columbia


Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island



What’s included?


• In-residency program
• Accommodation
• Food & beverage
• All course materials and access to professors
• Complimentary registration to 2023 FEI Canada Annual Conference (Qualifies for 10+ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits)
•Qualifies for up to 70 CPD Credits

  • Module 1
  • > TBD ---
  • Module 2
  • > TBD ---
  • Module 3
  • > TBD ---


Each applicant will be evaluated individually based on the stage of their career and ability to contribute effectively in a collaborative classroom environment.

Typical titles include:

• Chief Financial Officer
• Chief Accounting Officer
• Audit Committee member
• Controller, Treasurer
• Vice President / Director of Finance
• Vice President / Director of Planning & Analysis
• Vice President / Director of Tax
• Vice President / Director of Pension Fund Investments
• Vice President / Director of Risk Management

Typical areas of responsibility and expertise/industry experience include:

• Accounting & Control Planning and Forecasting
• Information Systems Risk Management
• Internal Audit Treasury & Finance
• Management of Retirement Funds & Investments Tax Administration


For interested individuals who are unsure if they’re qualify, we encourage you to contact us to discuss.

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All modules are hosted at the Kingbridge Conference Centre and Hotel. Located on an isolated property, 30-minutes from Pearson Airport or 1-hour from downtown Toronto, the Kingbridge Conference Centre offers the right balance of retreat atmosphere, business focus, and proximity to Canada’s largest city.

Amenities include:

• Meeting spaces (various sizes)
• Exercise facilities: Indoor running track, fitness room, multi-sport gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, squash court, 5km nature trail, mountain bikes, snowshoes, bocce, yoga.
• Restaurant, Bridges Bar, Games Room
• EV Charging Stations


The Kingbridge Conference Centre and Hotel is an innovative learning and meeting place that offers an ideal environment for your team to find alignment on how they can best work together.

Divergent mindsets are often at the root of the inability to agree on how to address challenges and then commit to meaningful solutions. Nestled on 114 acres of forested terrain and rolling hills, Kingbridge’s distraction-free environment is conducive to the deeper conversations needed to deal with the assumptions and mindsets that stand in the way to greater success.


More than just a venue, Kingbridge offers services and tools designed to help clients break out of their usual patterns of interactions with a creative frame of mind and generate solutions that otherwise would seem beyond their reach.

FEI Canada is the all industry professional membership association for senior financial executives. With 12 chapters across Canada and 1,100+ members, FEI Canada provides professional development, thought leadership and advocacy services to its members. The association membership, which consists of Chief Financial Officers, Audit Committee Directors and senior executives in the Finance, Controller, Treasury and Taxation functions, represents a significant number of Canada’s leading and most influential corporations.


FEI Canada services our members through our online communities, chapters in major centres across the country, thought leadership committees, and research foundation.

We provide:

  • Peer networking opportunities
  • Career and professional development
  • Transition services
  • Access to information including leading research studies, publications, and teleconferences
  • Access to online tools including presentations, models and e-newsletters
  • Conferences, seminars, and executive education programs
  • Advocacy to legislators/regulators
  • We help financial executives manage change, build relationships, and stay up-to-date on relevant information